When you start your rock career, you don't need to have a Jimi Hendrix guitar. But you definitely need a guitar to produce some tunes. By improving your skills and upgrading to a better guitar, you will conquer more hearts of your audience.

The same happens with websites. If you are just a small company or a start-up, you probably don’t need a huge website with lots of features. But you will need a website to present yourself and to show your rocking skills.

In our DataBerg “shop” we have “guitars” for players of any skill level. It doesn’t matter if you are just a beginner or a professional player. We will pick up a guitar which will perfectly suits you. Furthermore, the small websites which we develop are scalable in the future to fit your growing needs.

That's what we do best

Apart from playing guitar

Corporate Website

DataBerg recommends corporate websites to middle and large businesses.

A corporate website is the face of a company on the World Wide Web. It is designed to provide users with all information about the company’s activities, its products or services in order to attract customers. The corporate site assumes the presence of a corporate identity. If you don't have that yet, we can create that.

Single / Landing Page

Single page websites are great for a specific service or product. Small businesses (Rock Bands) also use them to get started.

They gained popularity thanks to the development of mobile devices. Sites of this type are quickly downloaded on phones or tablets, are adaptive and much easier to scroll with the thumb and up and down.

Such easy-to-use websites can be a headache for a beginner. It is important to consider how to compress all the information to one page, where to apply the capture forms and how to make the site comfortable and beautiful at the same time. From a technical perspective compression and deployment are different than on classical pages.

Our experts will create for you the perfect one-page website that will show your business from the best side the best side is the one which shows that you rock and help you to win new customers.

Online Shops

Shopping on the Internet has long ceased to seem anything fantastic. It has become the standard and you should probably do it too.

According to recent data, the Russian Internet trading market has grown by 75% over the past year, which indicates the prospects of this business line. Why limit sales to one city, when you can sell your products around the world with an online store? DataBerg is an international leader in website development, so we can help bring sales to foreign markets. And the cost of creating an online store can cover the refusal of expensive office space.

If you want to start selling online, we will help you to do everything right from the start.

    We promise
  • To understand your needs.
  • Responsiveness: Your website will also look good on small devices.
  • HTTPS / SSL: Your data will be safe. We take care of the certificate and the rest. This also helps with SEO.
  • SEO: You will be found via google, yandex, yahoo and more. We create appropriate descriptions and keywords.

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