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We listen, strategize and plan the Software.
So with this step, we try to save your money and our time. Prioritize and leave the clutter


We build the software and let it do it's magic.
We work with SCRUM, so you will get to see added value after each iteration. This is an iterative cycle, so you need to be involved.

Our standard technology stack

Ubuntu (Linux)

This operating system gives us a solid foundation, is free and secure.


The database is being developed by a big open source community since 1997. It is considered to be one of the best databases.

Elixir / Phoenix

The modern language with the fast web framework enables fast development speed and scales until millions of parallel connections. It is based on erlang, a technology that powers 90% of the internet and 80% of telephone traffic. We are using it for API and backend.


The progressive javascript framework allows us to build reusable user-interface- components. VueJS enhances the browsing experience because it displays a dynamic user interface. VueJS interacts with Phoenix to exchange data.

What does it run on?

We usually use a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Because they are cheap, fast, secure and scalable. We are guessing you don't want to pay hundreds on hosting.

Would you rather like the server to run in-house?

Because you need to have full control over it.

Do you have a server where we can install the software?

No? That's no problem. Our software is so efficient that a raspberry pi is enough to run it. Your users won't know the difference.

How does the server setup work?

We have developed a custom setup script that does it all. It allows you to switch the hardware quickly if you ever feel the need to.