SMM: Social Media Marketing

High quality social media page management with daily photo and video uploads, paired with well-written text and account promotion.

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The promotion of your business in social media

Giveaways and deals


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Our specialists will develop a social media work strategy: a thorough plan of all required actions, including defining goals/tasks, positioning, promoting, and offering professional advice on any questions that might occur. We can either constantly support your SMM activity, or create, configure and debug the SMM processes, which your employees can then independently work on.

Social media page management

High quality social media page management with daily photo and video uploads, paired with well-written text, hashtags and geotags, all while keeping the interests of your audience in mind.

Posting targeted ads on users' feeds

Your advertising posts may both contain your company's brand image and have your products on sale. You will receive ad views from both public and private target user profiles, ranging from 20 000 to 50 000 views in just 6 days after posting.

Instagram page promotion

Your account subscribes to and likes the last two photos of your target user profiles, attracting attention to itself. About 400-500 target accounts are processed every 24 hours, which increases your search priority.

Working with bloggers and public groups

We take it upon ourselves to pick out the best bloggers and groups with which you can collaborate or post your ads on. Our database encompasses over 200 contacts that work either on a barter, or honorarium basis.

Launching Instagram events and blog tours

We can set up a special event on your business's grand opening, the release of a new clothes collection, the announcement of a new performance, the tasting of your new restaurant menu, or simply any other activity which requires the complete participation of your target audience. On another note, we can assemble and coordinate a group of popular bloggers to support the aforementioned events.

Giving both group and individual lectures about SMM

We are willing to share our work experience with you or your company, providing three types of 2.5-hour-long lectures with various examples and allowing you to choose the direction that you need!

Recovering hijacked or blocked Instagram pages

Anything can happen in the online world. Regardless of whether you were justifiably blocked or hijacked, we will do our best in helping you get your account back under control!


We will compose news texts for your website, booklets, business proposals, presentations or social network pages, while you can relax with your family and await the results.

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