Automation of Homes and Buildings is expanding massively due to new technologies. Especially existing houses and even apartments could be easily and affordable transformed into Smart Homes using secured radio-based systems.

For inside installations we use well-established radio-protocols like:

  • Z-Wave
  • ZigBee
  • enOcean

Hereby we will use the protocol which will fit best for the situation.

IP-Cameras will be attached with wiring to ensure best quality of picture

All functionality can also be monitored remotely via Smartphone.

We also care about the security of the system.



Examples of usage


Easy to control and turn on or off when you're on the go

Temperature- and humidity-monitoring

By automatically switching on the heater or the air-condition if it is too cold or too humid

Security camera

For your security. With automated alarm if motion is detected


Manually opening or closing or automated by the position of the sun


Automated or manually switching of the heating, also remote


Examples of usage


The LoRaWAN radio protocol is always used for outdoor projects were a reliable infrastructure is not available. LoRaWAN is especially designed for ultra-low-power devices and is therefore very energy efficient. LoRaWAN provides a range of about 10km and battery-powered devices can last up to 10 years without maintenance.

Examples of usage


Long-range and radiobased

Data of meteorological station

Person tracking doing outdoor activity

Monitoring of machines

Asset and Containertracking

Surveillance of
gregarious animals

Surveillance of
water levels

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